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greensites offers free email free ecards free chat rooms - all with an environmentally friendly theme. Find other eco friendly businesses and web sites in our green links pages. environmental news business services such as web site design and hosting - specializing in environmentally friendly businesses Free email, chat, news, shopping, greeting cards, web search and moreGreenSites.com - an environmentally friendly Internet portal

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Sunny Safaris Logo
Sunny Safaris Ltd.

Site designed for a medium sized business
Designed & Hosted by GreenSites.com
52 pages


  Tergo Cleaning Cloths

  A small business site.
  Designed & Hosted by GreenSites.com
  8 pages



 Hosted by GreenSites.com


Guardians "G" in logo         

   An example of a small business' "Electronic Brochure"
   Designed & Hosted by GreenSites.com
   4 pages


New Directions Magazine On-Line

Original design by GreenSites.com

The McIntyre Family 
  The McIntyre Family Home Page

  An example of a personal web site
  Designed (with the children's help) &
  Hosted by GreenSites.com on their ISP's server
  7 pages



Hosted by GreenSites.com


And of course, our own site...
Designed & Hosted by GreenSites.com

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Selected Pages from the above site you may wish to visit:

bulletSlide Show : All photographs by GreenSites.com - Java
bulletLake Effect:  Photo by GreenSites.com - Java
bulletBackground Music: Streaming Audio - Java Script
bulletExcel Worksheet: Operational by all web site visitors - Microsoft Excel
bulletQuiz: Answer as many questions as you can before the time runs out - Java
bulletMenu: Interactive drop down menu - Java
bulletCalendar: Monthly Calendar - HTML
bulletForms: Interactive form that e-mails the recipient the results - CGI Script
bulletAffiliate Network: Bookstore - HTML
bulletWeb based E-mail: Have branded E-mail - [email protected]
bulletAnimated GIF:  A company's logo comes to life - HTML
bulletStreaming Video: These samples have no audio track
bulletWeb Site Statistics: How many people are visiting your site?

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Sample Illustrations


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